The process of building the revolutionary i’llTip app


When I came up with the idea of building the i’llTip app, it happened very quickly, the idea sprung out of the passion to break free from financial struggles. As a Doctoral candidate with a concentration in computer information security, I am also employed full time but I still lived a life of pay check to pay check and I was tired of it. I had to figure out a way of not only breaking away from this financial bondage but also a way to help others to break free from the same financial struggles that we all shared or had in common limiting the way we lived our lives.

As soon as I was able to get a hold of the i’llTip app idea, it gradually came together, then I pondered how to make the first step to get the process going. Although I am in the field of computer and technology, my programing skills was very poor, I had done some programing before both in college and working part-time using C++, C#, .Net, Java, Sql, html, css etc. but I had no idea how to write a code to build a mobile app. I knew that was the first challenge I needed to resolve before I could get going with the process of building the i’llTip app. getting the initial funds to start the process to build the i’llTip app was not as challenging as the actual process to get the i’llTip app built.

I had to first have a mental imagination of how I want the app to look like, I just didn’t want to build an app, i wanted to build something that was substantial, something that people would like and something that would work. I wanted the i’llTip app to be user friendly, my brother would say you should build it in a way that even a ‘child’ would be able to use it, and I agreed. So I started to draw the design in a paper, the only imagination I had as I began the murk up design, was the way Uber incorporated its dash board page, when requesting for a driver. I liked the simplicity of the Uber app dashboard interface, so I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel entirely for i’llTip. The Uber app already had something that was user friendly and it was a popular interface that a lot of people where use to and familiar with. So I mirrored the Uber app dashboard concept, but incorporated new features and style that will allow for users of the i’llTip app to easily request for any service quickly and conveniently at the price that they are willing to offer.

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A revolution in the corporate world and gig economy

There is a rave currently building up within the tech space and have garnered a good number of mentions and followers on Instagram, big enough to presently have a slot in the top trending hashtags on Instagram. The name is i’llTip.

It is an app promising to disrupt the gig economy and social networking. With a large pool of pre-subscribed service providers, i’llTip seems sophisticated enough to satisfy the service needs of service buyers within different niches such as domestic services, digital services, tutoring, beauty, health and wellness and so much more. A very exciting feature of the app, which obviously is lacking in almost every freelance website is the geolocation search feature that allows service buyers to search and contract service providers closest to their location. Every freelancer’s choice of freelance platform depends on the flexibility of the payment solutions of the website and their pool of service seekers. This website will be officially launched with flexible payment solutions customizable to meet the taste of the individual. Now you can receive all funds assigned to a particular delivery, within less than 24 hours of the delivery.

Put your leisure time to commercial use. i’llTip encourages long business relationship and so implemented social features like chats, video calls, voice chats and volunteer services. Did you just move into a new neighborhood and are in need of handyman, cleaning services, or private tutors for your kids, simply sign up on i’llTip and search within your street or streets closer to you and you will have a professional running down to your home for excellent service delivery.

The good news about this platform is that it is completely free to download and create a user profile. There are no sign up fees or any kind of hidden charges. All you have to do is to sign up and set up your user profile providing the necessary post, pictures and videos on it. The app explorer page will share your profile information such as pictures and videos uploaded to people who you are in need of the particular service provide

i’llTip is set for launch in August and so far have received the endorsement by popular freelancers around the globe. Check back for more updates or follow i’llTip on Instagram @ i_lltip or follow i’llTip Facebook  to join the discussion on this revolution going on within your community, private sector, corporate world and gig economy. Together, i’llTip is building a better world. Together a powerful network for a stronger community.

The world of too much and all we need now is i’llTip

There is too much going on all around us and this is not limited to the internet of things and connection to the web or network. So many things are going on in almost every aspect of our lives and it’s scary to think or when you ask the question why the constant breach of privacy? Why does it feel like almost everything out there can be known, shared or exposed? Why is it that with the internet almost anything, information or knowledge can be retrieved and almost anything is possible? We are in a new age and we don’t even realize it and maybe some of us do. But the fact of the matter is that we have evolved from the primitive traditional human to a more digital wired beings. We all, in some way or the other, are now digital or modern age wizards courtesy of our digital device, that empowers us to be categorized as such. The fact of the matter is that now we can know more, see more and do more, as a result of the evolution of technology. The advent of technology is the age of more. More knowledge, which leads to more exposure, and this allow us to get more out of our daily lives, such as more news, more communication, more connection on a broader scale through a digital platform. Apparently, the desire to get more out of life.

Thanks to folks like Bill gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of apple who created operating systems to pave the way for people like Jerry Yang and David Filo who founded Yahoo, Larry page and Sergey Brin who founded Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Travis kalanick and Garrett Camp of Uber and Jeff Bezos of amazon, to develop a platform which all runs on a network. These guys have revolutionized how we go about the way we use the internet to do and achieve things on the web. This guys have created an innovative path within the internet that seems to allow us to meet in a common place using the interdependency of our human nature to connect, share, trade and offer services amongst one another, within and around each of this various platforms that allows us to fulfill a need, connects us to others and bring value. The key behind the success of the internet and these innovative platforms is the interdependency of human connection. The main innovation here is the network connections or connected networks which is the internet. Every other thing such as websites or apps is a host or should I say a guest within the internet. And as we evolve and the new generation Y, X or Z millennial’s evolve, they would be the deciding factors on which innovative platform or path within the internet would stand the test of time or continue to exist. One fact of life is that the only thing that’s constant in life is change and change comes with a new thing.

A change is coming soon in the world of the internet that would host itself as a dominant platform because of its appeal to both the older and evolving generation and because of what it offers, which is monetization, connection and interdependency, and the ability to fulfill a need all in one place. The evolution of this new innovation will dominate the app era. The question now is what is this new platform that is coming to the internet that will be of financial benefit, create social media connection, interdependency, and the ability to fulfil your need? One hint, i_lltip. Visit http://www.illtip.com or follow i’llTip on instagram @i_lltip

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