About Us

Social Media Apps have made the world a smaller place. You have many of them on your smartphones. Do these apps let you make productive use of your precious time? Do they let you find volunteers and hire people for your needs? It’s time to bring in i’llTip to your life – the social media app that lets you find people to take up your projects and volunteer for your cause in quick time. i’llTip app is a social media service networking platform that allows you to give back while managing your business and employment oriented services and connects volunteer service providers to people who need the service and customers in need of service can find volunteer service providers who want to give back their time or resources. The platform is primarily used to provide opportunities to connect volunteers, and people who want to give back their time or resource. i’llTip social media features creates an interactive appeal that allows the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, interests all in the spirit of good faith and good will to impact and touch lives positively. Change the world and yours with i’llTip.

We make it easy for people who seek to give back their time or resource to connect. The volunteer service provider offers whatever service they are skilled at. i’llTip connects users who wish to volunteer their time and services.

i’llTip is a social media app that covers a large geographical location that includes the places with users who have access to a mobile or a smartphone. i’llTip possess a large pool of service providers who want to give back their time or resource which allows you to choose from a wide variety of volunteer options depending on what kind of service or resource you may require. The social media feel means people are able to connect for long lasting business relationships or even friendship.

The good news about our platform is that it is completely free to download and create a user profile. There are no sign up fees or any kind of hidden charges. All you have to do is to sign up and set up your user profile providing the necessary information on it. Our platform will share your profile information to people who are in need of the particular service ya do you can begin to connect.

With our platform, anyone who is skilled or able to provide a service that people will require will be able to connect. We allow you to decide how much you want to offer for the service you need or if you want it done at no cost. In times of natural disasters, our volunteer function allows anyone to volunteer their services making for an easy way to amass volunteers.

At i’llTip, our job is to bridge the gap between service seekers and service providers who want to give back their time and resources. We are the middlemen that connect these two categories of people together. Our aim is to create a better and easier life for people with the opportunity our app provides.

i’llTip provides people a platform to showcase their skills. You no longer have to spend your hard earned money setting up ads online to advertise your skills. We will do all the work for you by finding you a convenient way to get things done on your own time! while you enjoy the fun feel of being on social media.

How It Works

So you just moved into a new neighborhood and you need help with a private tutor for your kids, or a handyman? You can relax and allow i’lltip do all the work for you. Volunteers can also make some good impression to organizations who begin to take note of your volunteer services while helping out anyone who is in need of a particular service or services offered. i’llTip is a social media app that allows both service providers and seekers to get the platform to connect! Providing volunteer service for users who choose to volunteer their services at anytime.

To use i’llTip, a user will have to download the app and proceed to sign up and setup their user profile page by providing necessary information that best describes the particular service or resource they can offer or give back. The user can also proceed to upload videos and pictures that show what they are capable of doing. Their profile pages can be rated from feedbacks and reviews of the volunteer services they provided. After setting up the page, the user awaits for a notification that tells them that someone is in need of the service they provide or they can just go into the i’llTip app and find all those who needs a service that they can provide. When the user gets this notification or sees a service that they can provide, all he/she has to do is to accept it and proceed to connect with the person who is in need of his/her services. All the person in need of service has to do is enter the service they need done, with a few details and the amount they are offering the volunteer service provider or if at no cost to get the service done and then they will receive notification from volunteer service providers who accepted to get the service done. No longer will you have to aimlessly search for volunteers who can provide a service you require.