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  • Request and Provide Service?
    i’llTip gives a good feel of social networking with its explorer page, business/profile page, chat and other amazing features that includes post job and provide service page where users can collaborate, connect request for services and provide services.
  • Why Use i’llTip?
    Make Money: Service providers are able to make money and earn an extra income. Customers are encouraged to Tip as a compensation for service provided. This is a simple way to earn extra money as a service provider.
  • Promote Yourself
    Users and organizations will be able to market and promote themselves their causes and their skills by posting pictures of what they do. This gives all users and organizations a chance to be seen and heard, giving users a proper social media feel as well as an avenue of an added value.
  • Fulfillment For Rendering A Service
    Giving public opportunities to connect and create opportunities to give back. Users can get paid signing up on i’llTip app and rendering a service to people who are in need of the services you can provide.
  • Efficiency?
    No longer will you have to aimlessly search for people who can provide a service to support your causes, i’llTip app will find very capable hands in no time. All you have to do is request the service you need done with a few details and send and get reply from several providers who accept the service.
  • Registering an Account is Free?
    You don’t have to pay anything to own an account on i’lltip, registration is absolutely free. Form valuable relationship: Connect with other and form a friendship that brings more value.
  • Who Can Benefit from Our App?
    Basically, anyone who is in need of a particular service and the people who can provide those services. On i’llTip find Car service, Tech Service, Health & Wellness, and Beauty services.
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